15 Years of Giving – Reelscape Community

Read on to find out how Reelscape’s latest film project has brought the Nothamptonshire community together.

For Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 Reelscape Community worked with Northampton Borough Council to produce a film with local residents on the HMD theme of ‘Don’t Stand By’. We received £2960 from Northampton Borough Council’s Small Grants fund, along with £1000 from School of Life, to work with Northampton residents to produce a film for Holocaust Memorial Day. The grant from Northamptonshire Community Foundation paid for workshops and the shoot including the hiring of professional equipment, props and costumes. We ran workshops over 2 months working with over 40 local residents to produce a film for Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 about what the theme ‘Don’t Stand By’ means to contemporary Northampton. Residents worked with film professionals to produce a drama short film shown called ‘One Good Deed’ at the Guildhall for Northampton Borough Council’s commemorative event before heading off to film festivals. Northampton residents from different walks of life shared skills and positive stories of Northampton good samaritans.

We got together a group of people from different walks of life who were interested in contributing to a film – some had lots of creative sector experience, some had a passion for film but had never thought of making one themselves and some were more interesting in the community aspect. We talked about all the positive things that have happened in Northampton when people didn’t just ‘stand by’ when they witnessed prejudice, for example. The group decided they wanted to produce a positive drama short film that would encourage people to act even if it was just small acts of kindness to make life a little bit better.

Residents presented their ideas to a professional writer/director who created a 7 minute short film script about a recent refugee to the UK who helps out a lady in distress because “when someone needs help, you help.” Then over 2 days we filmed with part professional film crew, part Northampton residents at various Northampton locations including St Giles Street and NN Contemporary.

The film premiered at the Guildhall for Holocaust Memorial Day and also screened at the Errol Flynn Filmhouse to cast and crew to a really positive reaction.

“I learnt that there are more people that are willing to do good deeds than I originally thought. I thought it was great when people watch [the film] we know the benefits of doing good deeds.”

“I thought it bought different backgrounds together. It also allowed us to meet and work with people we have no access to. [I am] looking at continuing… this type of experience. We need more! Would love to learn more.”

“I think it will bring the community closer together as it highlights important issues and shows how we can overcome them. It was great to work with new people and was a fun, relaxed project… I learnt more about how small films are produced and has given me a confidence boost.”



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