International Day of Charity – Performing Room

Performing Room is a local charity with a successful 16 year history of volunteering, funding and delivering music workshops, projects and events for up to 10,000 children, young people and adults living in Northamptonshire.

The charity’s ‘learning-through-performing’ approach aims to ‘free-up’ traditional forms of learning as part of an exciting Community Arts development programme for local people facing challenging circumstances to gain a structured creative focus and build upon skills and interests with an emphasis upon personal development and positive integration into modern day working and learning environments.

Projects combine youth work and life enrichment skills using digital media and IT equipment with music activities from a purpose-built people-led community creative hub located in the Castle ward area of Northampton.

Janan Fifield, founder and coordinator of Performing room said of the support from the Foundation:

Funding awarded by the Community Foundation has enabled the group to build a support network and social outlet since 2003 in support of progress towards a future where project beneficiaries living in this zone feel increasingly more confident about their future prospects and enjoy the same opportunities in life. Each Community Foundation funded project helps local people develop an attitude to become innovative, confident, independent and resourceful. At the heart of each is a sense of the role everyone plays in life as a family member, a friend, a neighbour, an employee/employer, and member of the community.”


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