Why you don’t have to be Bill Gates to be a philanthropist

Spot the Philanthropist!

One of the things we’re most proud of here at the Foundation is our “seeing is believing” project visits. These visits enable donors to see the projects they’ve funded and provide a platform for groups to really shout about what they do.

On Monday we took some of our N100 members to visit Desborough Men’s Shed. The group had been awarded £1500 by the N100 panel to kick-start the Men’s Shed project in December 2016. Nearly a year on, the project has over 30 members, with the eldest at 89 years old. It’s enabled local older men to connect with peers and helped reduce social isolation in the area.

One of the misconceptions of a philanthropist is that you have to give millions, but that’s simply not the case. The people in this photo are all philanthropists; some give their time, some give a donation and some do both.

Here at the Foundation we make giving easy and enjoyable, so if you’re interested in philanthropy, get in touch.

Naomi Butters
Fund Development Manager




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