International Day of Charity – Deep Roots Tall Trees

Deep Roots Tall Trees is a Corby based arts charity that aims to extend the relevance of music, singing and the arts to the widest possible local and regional audiences. The organisation brings people in the local community together with professional artists to create music and art of the highest possible standard. This helps to empower beneficiaries to achieve their full potential, build confidence, and find purpose and agency in their lives.

The regular activities that the group has to offer include a choir and a dance theatre group. The choir writes most of its own repertoire having an active songwriting group and local musicians, George Reilly and Mark Brennan led by Barb Jungr.

The organisation was founded in 2012 with Rosalind Stoddart commissioning jazz singer songwriter, Barb Jungr, to write a song cycle for the people of Corby. Since then they’ve gained commissions from Made in Corby to work with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and from the Buccleuch Monument Trust. The choir has also performed at the Royal Festival Hall in London as well as The Core at Corby Cube.

Simon Steptoe, General Manager of Deep Roots Tall Trees said “Our Woods was our latest collaboration, bringing together sound, movement and light to celebrate Corby’s unique urban woodlands. It was a creative journey for everyone involved, who came together  through song writing, singing, performing and arts activities, developing confidence, ability, skills and ambition – and particularly… to have a lot of fun.”

“We have been really fortunate in being supported by Northamptonshire Community Foundation regularly since we started. This has included funds for “Our Woods”, another recent project supporting our choir’s members’ develop their vocal skills and our next project, “Changing Corby”, which takes our work forward into 2018 through helping us work with a range of different cultural groups in Corby. This continued support has enabled us to offer consistent opportunities to people involved in DRTT and has given us invaluable match funding to other grants.”



International Day of Charity – Performing Room

Performing Room is a local charity with a successful 16 year history of volunteering, funding and delivering music workshops, projects and events for up to 10,000 children, young people and adults living in Northamptonshire.

The charity’s ‘learning-through-performing’ approach aims to ‘free-up’ traditional forms of learning as part of an exciting Community Arts development programme for local people facing challenging circumstances to gain a structured creative focus and build upon skills and interests with an emphasis upon personal development and positive integration into modern day working and learning environments.

Projects combine youth work and life enrichment skills using digital media and IT equipment with music activities from a purpose-built people-led community creative hub located in the Castle ward area of Northampton.

Janan Fifield, founder and coordinator of Performing room said of the support from the Foundation:

Funding awarded by the Community Foundation has enabled the group to build a support network and social outlet since 2003 in support of progress towards a future where project beneficiaries living in this zone feel increasingly more confident about their future prospects and enjoy the same opportunities in life. Each Community Foundation funded project helps local people develop an attitude to become innovative, confident, independent and resourceful. At the heart of each is a sense of the role everyone plays in life as a family member, a friend, a neighbour, an employee/employer, and member of the community.”