5 benefits to becoming a Trustee – Jo Gordon

Jo Gordon

As Trustees Week draws to a close we hear from Jo Gordon, Marketing & Sales Director of Northamptonshire Arts Management Trust who joined the board of Northamptonshire Community Foundation in January. 

Here are her top 5 reasons for becoming a Trustee:

Teamwork- Teamwork is one of the biggest elements of Trusteeship and gaining a totally new group of peers, new colleagues to learn from and draw upon to navigate through your responsibilities is so valuable.

Local knowledge – My knowledge of Northampton has dramatically increased in a short time of being a Trustee. My own engagement with the town and my understanding of its communities, its subtleties, its history and its nuances has developed more in 9 months than in the previous 10 years I worked in the town.

Skills development –You are fundamentally learning a set of new skills to apply to this crucial governance role – not just how to get the best from the teamwork required and how to apply your own skills, but also how to most appropriately support the executive- getting stuck in where you need to and sitting back and providing more hands-off support and reassurance too. In turn, this is building my own confidence both in delivering back to the Foundation but also in my existing job role.

Networking – The opportunity to network locally with members of the community and nationally with peers in charitable trustee positions is so important – not just in being able to deliver your responsibilities effectively, but in creating connections that benefit your wider life as well.

Pride – The immense sense of pride in being involved in such an effective organisation is extraordinary. The impact that is achieved by the Foundation, delivering its own charitable objectives so effectively, while fundamentally enabling so many other people in our community to deliver so brilliantly too, is a very powerful mix.

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International Day of Charity – The Margaret Giffen Community First Endowment Fund

Giving to charity can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Here at the Foundation, we work with individuals, businesses and charitable trusts who want to give locally and enable them to see the difference their donations make through impact reports and project visits.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Northamptonshire Community Foundation awarded just over £1.2million in grants during 2015/16. We couldn’t do this without the kindness of our donors and therefore in celebration of International Day of Charity, we’ve highlighted one fund that has made a huge difference to communities in Northamptonshire.

The Margaret Giffen Community First Endowment Fund

Established in 2013, in partnership with the trustees of the Margaret Giffen Charitable Trust, the Fund supports charities and non-registered charities in North Northamptonshire.  The Foundation is delighted to have worked on the Fund to support grant allocation and delivery.

Overall the Margaret Giffen Endowment fund has benefited 29,126 people at an average cost of £2.76 per beneficiary in Northamptonshire. The top three outcomes of the fund are;

  • Improve community cohesion
  • Increase access to sport, exercise and leisure activities
  • Support vulnerable people

These benefits have been predominantly for people and communities living in the North of the county and often within wards and areas of disadvantage and poverty.

Barry Rogers, Chair of Trustees and Partner at Tollers Solicitors said
“As Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Margaret Giffen Charitable Trust who have donated to the NCF Margaret Giffen Community Fund which has benefited from the matched funding scheme, I can confirm that many local community projects and charities have benefited from this fund. It would have been very difficult for me and my fellow trustees firstly to have located the many organisations who have benefited from this fund and secondly to have adequately vetted the numerous applications made for financial support. NCF have the necessary resources, expertise, and experience to do so which gives us every confidence that the funds we have donated are in safe hands and finding their way to where they are of most benefit to the local community as a whole.”

Ladies from the Kettering Rugby Football Club, who have recently benefited from the Margaret Giffen Fund.

If you would like to see the difference your donation makes, please contact Naomi Butters, Fund Development Manager for more information.